The Travel Bucketlist

Traditional travel agents and online platforms promote the best-selling products in the best-selling destinations. This is unsustainable and really really dull.

Everyone travels differently. Everyone has their own bucketlists. Kated is a platform where creative and extraordinary travel ideas are shared. Instead of selling products with prices, we give you inspiration.

Travel moments are ideas for things to do all over the world.

Travel experiences are itinerary ideas to help your trip planning

Explore new and favourite countries to stay away from the standard tourist trail.

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Travel Designers, not Travel Agents - What’s the Difference?

Traditional travel agents and online platforms can book you a trip to anywhere. But they are based in the same place you are traveling from.

Travel designers are based in the place you are traveling to. They are the real travel experts, because they have unrivaled on-the-ground expertise and experience.

Travel designers don’t sell the best-selling products. They invite and host. Of course they know more about where you are going – they live there! They have the knowledge and connections to create something more unique and individual.

It is local travel designers that provide all the unique travel ideas you will find on Kated.

Booking the Trip You Want

Kated does not organise or operate any trips. We don’t put prices on travel designers’ ideas because they are not products.

If you are inspired by the travel ideas we will connect you directly to the relevant travel designer. You will then discuss your trip directly with the best possible specialist.

Your travel designer will organise and arrange a trip based exactly on what you want, including accommodation, activities, transfers and the ideas in your bucketlist.

  • Authentic – travel is better with the locals
  • Sustainable – more money stays in local communities
  • Better value – cutting out agents and middlemen saves money
  • Memorable – every trip deserves to be unforgettable
  • Extraordinary – experience things others don’t even know about

Travel With Confidence

The Kated Quality Assurance is based on the principle that every trip should be right every time.

  1. Only the best travel designers – handpicked for their geographical authority, industry reputation unwavering 5* feedback.
  2. Your payment for the trip is held in escrow and only paid to the travel designer when your trip is completed.
  3. Kated provides impartial mediation if there are any disagreements.
  4. We promise a money-back guarantee covering the first $10,000 if you’re not happy

Read more about the Kated Quality Assurance.

Travel During Coronavirus

With all the changing restrictions it’s harder to travel during the coronavirus pandemic. You need reliable, up-to-date information about restrictions and staying safe. The best people to provide this are locals, on the ground in the place you want to visit.

However, there are some things that none of us can control, such as government-imposed travel restrictions. Payment for your trip is held in escrow. So if a trip needs to be cancelled, you get your money back immediately.